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Creating & Implementing
Custom AI Solutions For Businesses

Our Solutions Your gateway into the AI revolution

We offer a variety of different tailor-made AI-powered solutions to help you maximise efficiency at your business.

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Internal Chatbots/ "Chat GPT's"

Centralise and enhance your companies AI use with a internal chatbot. Secure your data and stop employees from using Chat GPT where your data is being used to train models! Gain team insights with in depth tracking. Enhance the AI with custom configuration and knowledge base, maximising  its ability to answer relevant questions.

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Website Chatbots

 Most Popular 

Add human-like 24/7 customer service to your site with a custom made chatbot, drastically cutting your customer support costs, increasing conversions and enhancing customer experience.

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Email Responders/ Drafters

 Integrate custom, AI-driven responses to incoming emails directly into your email system, saving hours typing out each individual response. It's like having a personal assistant, but faster and always on point.

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions for custom needs. Have something specific in mind? Contact us to find out if we can help!

All solutions come with a custom-built dashboard which tracks all usage and generates useful data insights, allowing you to make strategic business decisions based on the data

 Worldwide spending on AI-centric systems was estimated at 154 billion U.S. dollars in 2023 

How much did your business spend?

Our Happy Clients

Why Forward Thinkers Choose

Client | Wireless nation

"If you're thinking about the A.I adoption for your business or workplace, please reach out to Will from Not only that you will have a reliable partner who is continuously learning about A.I developments, which will future proof your team, you will also be supporting the next generation entrepreneurs."


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Tom Linn

Founder, Executive Director

Willbot Chatbot

About us.

The AI revolution is here, and the business landscape is changing dramatically. Our mission is to make advanced AI technologies accessible and beneficial for small to medium sized businesses at an affordable price point, allowing our clients to maximise the use of AI, dramatically increase their efficiency and allow gain a competitive edge. 


 Our three main solutions have been meticulously developed, refined, and tested in collaboration with real businesses across a spectrum of industries. This hands-on development process has allowed us to craft AI solutions that directly address and solve the pressing issues businesses face, significantly enhancing their operational efficiency and leveraging the full potential of AI technology. As a result, our clients achieve more with less, maximising their return on investment in AI. Through this comprehensive development phase, we've created ready-to-use templated solutions that can be swiftly customised and deployed for any business, ensuring a seamless setup process and immediate impact. This efficient and tailored approach underscores our commitment to providing businesses with powerful, accessible, and cost-effective AI tools that are primed to transform their operations from day one.

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